About Classilks:

Founded in 2016, Classilks Scarves is a New York based lifestyle fashion company. We sell the finest quality, 100% twill silk threads, elegantly styled to meet the needs of our customers. Each luxurious Scarves is meticulously crafted to emphasize the smallest of details and vibrant color palettes. Our Scarves are incredibly versatile, affordable, and durable, perfect for everything from a casual evening with friends to a special occasion.

Classilks stunning Scarves designs stem from artwork by world-renowned artists, with bold styles perfectly suited for contemporary culture. We firmly believe that every piece is an opportunity to express yourself. Our passion goes a step beyond just selling a Scarf, dedicated to serving our community and telling a story with each item that we deliver. Our digital store reflects Classilks dedication to authentic and fresh material, with options for all walks of life.

Built on the pillars of customer-centricity and quality, Classilks combines traditional services with the latest in lifestyle Scarves. Step into a world of timeless styles and iconic trends to create a completely unique collection of accessories.  

Fashion has never been easier.